Quest Clock


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You’ve been playing for hours, but as a game master you know that only minutes may have passed in game. But just how long have they been crawling through this dungeon? When did they last eat? Shouldn’t the effects of that spell have worn off by now?

Quest Clock takes the guess work out of tracking in-game time for your favorite tabletop role-playing games. Capture the most common interactions quickly. Simply click a button to log an action and advance the clock!

The sky changes as the day progresses so you know how much daylight is left at a glance. Of course, when you’re in a dungeon there is no sky to be seen!

Time is tracked and accumulated so you can see just how long it has been since the party rested or ate a meal, how long they’ve been in town or traveling, or even how long the current adventure has lasted. Your journal tracks every action taken and you can even make custom notes to remember how long status ailments, spells, or effects last.

Granular preferences allow you to tweak the basic length of time an action type takes. Built in “jitter” adds a bit of variance to simulate imperfect conditions. Designed to be system agnostic, you can use it for most RPG game systems including your favorite d20 and OGL games. It’s the perfect accessory for in-person or virtual tabletops gaming.